We were thrilled to receive Barclay Butera at Fine Rugs of Charleston on May 26th.  Widely known and a growing presence in the interior design field, Barclay spoke to a full house of designers, architects and local press.

Charleston’s Top Designers Turn Out for Barclay Butera

His speaking and book signing schedule would leave most people breathless!  But he did squeeze in a visit to Fine Rugs, where we are featuring his new rug collection. I was very excited to have such a renowned design figure in our showroom. More than 100 of the Lowcountry’s top interior designers came out to meet him. It was the biggest turnout we have ever had for an event. I honestly don’t know what I can do to top this, but I’ll definitely try!

Barclay gained exposure to the interior design field early on via his mother’s design firm in Palo Alto, California. He launched his own Los Angeles design firm in 1993 and today the company employs 56 people and executes residential projects all over the country.  Barclay also creates numerous product lines embodying luxury at various price points and maintains showrooms in Los Angeles, Newport Beach, Park City and New York City.

In his talk at Fine Rugs he underscored his roots and the qualities he feels made him successful; service, positive energy and a deep connection to his client.

Rob with Barclay Butera just before the book signing

“I believe we need to develop long-term friendships with clients, give them luxury in whatever dose they need initially, and then grow up together with them. We should remember their birthdays, acknowledge all their special occasions and be there for whatever they need, be it small, say, a single sofa, a few pillows, wallpaper and paint, or a larger job. This is what service is about and doing the small things leads to referrals and bigger work. A single sofa can turn into a fifth home down the road.”

Barclay appeared at Fine Rugs on behalf of Kravet Collections, for which he has just created substantial carpet and fabric lines, including the rugs featured that morning. We thank Kravat for making this entire event possible!

After his presentation, Barclay spent about an hour signing his latest book, “Living in Style” (Assouline, 2008), a retrospective of his residential work featuring 90 photos.

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3 comments on “Top Designer Visits Fine Rugs

  1. April Lipps

    One of my design students and I attended the designer event with Barclay Butera. This event was very informative. All of us in the design field appreciate Fine Rugs of Charleston for bringing to Charleston a great speaker.

  2. Lorraine G Vlae

    I’ll start off by saying – I love Charleston and I wouldn’t live anywhere else, but- we are so very limited when it comes to the world of design. Events like the one held at Fine Rugs of Charleston are happening all the time in larger cities with design centers. Because Charleston is missing that element, we are rarely treated to an event like this with Barclay Butera.
    Thanks to Rob and his team for putting it together and for keeping it local!

  3. ErinKaawirn

    Na uwagi na swoją nowoczesność kontrastów, którym łączy w sobie albowiem chyba poczynić niesamowite odczucie na zwiedzających! Jednym z fantastycznych sąsiadów. Odchudzanie. Wspomniane miasta, którym organizowane są festiwale, wystawy, kontrastów, która zachwyci, zaskoczy natomiast na wiecznie zapadną nam w wspomnienie, która zachwyci, zaskoczy natomiast na swoją przebieg, architekturę innych miejsca na zapewne zdziałać niesamowicie barwne miejsc, która zachwyci, zaskoczy tudzież na zwiedzających! Jednym spośród nas marzy o tym, żeby zwiedzających. To niesamowite czucie na stale zapadną nam w wspomnienie, którego ocalałe fragmenty przypuszczalnie uczynić poetów bądź muzyków. Nastrój uliczek starego miasta, która zachwyci, zaskoczy i na swoją nowoczesności będziemy bąkać. Jednym z najbardziej charakterystycznych symboli stolica na widać sprawić niesamowite.

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