The Long-Term Value of a Contemporary Rug

Sari Silk rug 0

It’s true that when you buy a hand-knotted modern rug, you’re making an investment. Many of us understand that the price reflects the time and attention to detail that goes into making the rug, as well as the overall quality. But what about its long-term value? Will your investment stand the test of time?

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Afghanistan Rug Exposition and Sale


Rob Leahy, owner of Fine Rugs of Charleston, today announced the Afghanistan Rug Exposition and Sale which will be held at the Hyatt Place Hotel, Charleston Airport and Convention Center, (3234 West Montague Ave, North Charleston, SC 29418).  The event will be held in the hotel’s ballroom from Wednesday, June 24th through Saturday, June 27th.  The hours for the four day event will be 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM. More information will soon be available at:    

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Fine Rugs of Charleston adds Madeline Weinrib collections……


To start the New Year we have opened the Madeline Weinrib boutique within Fine Rugs.  Maddie’s designs are famous for their clean lines and bold innovative colors.  We will have four collections that span the designers’ range from her famous batik and ikat designs to geometric varieties that demonstrate her simply wonderful color eye.

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Fine Rugs of Charleston Welcomes Charleston Palette & Design!


Charleston Palette is an Exclusive Farrow & Ball Stockist offering a complete color and wallpaper showroom to the Charleston market with over 300 gallons of paint in stock, and 132 colors in sample sizes.

Also offering a home accessory line to complement the Farrow & Ball products, Including Ryan studio pillows, Tozai and Two’s company mirrors and accessories, Pom Pom at home Trows and linens and D.L & Co. Candles.

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One evening for Afghanistan: The video


I’m honored to invite you inside my showroom to reveal how designers, colleagues and community activists came together for fellowship and a common purpose: to learn from those who are dedicated to improving the living and working conditions for the people of Afghanistan.

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