Sometimes customers are surprised when I come to the house with the delivery crew.  I like to do this because I can make sure the rug placed properly with the furniture and that it is in the right direction. A hand knotted rug will often have a dramatic light and dark side, and I like to give the client the choice.  But, mostly it is important for me to see that the customer is truly happy with their purchase.

Rob working with a customer

And it does help me stay in some state of fitness; I am not certain what state that is, but I am sure it helps.

A week or so ago, we were delivering a rug to a long-time client who had 4 or 5 other rugs from Fine Rugs in their home.  After we put this one in place, I asked to check on the others, to be sure they were behaving.  We saw a few small stains and gave some advice on how to lift them out.  On one, a rug from Afghanistan, I noticed a few sprouts that can pop up after some use in high traffic areas.  These occur because the wool they use in that country, (it’s called Gazni wool), is very silky but quite springy.  During the washing processes a few pile threads may become looped around other threads and held down as the rug is sheared. We call them sprouts and they can be clipped off, just like they would have been when rugs are sheared.  I snipped them and the rug looked good as new.

Our customer was very happy the solution was so simple, and then said she had one rug that was terrible and had hundreds of these ‘sprouts’.  I took a deep breath and, knowing that my face was red, said “Oh, really?”

“But, it’s not one of yours,” she continued, relieving my anxiety.

“Well, let’s look at it anyway,” I boldly declared.

She was right; it had hundreds of places where threads had popped up above the originally smooth surface of the rug.  I told her that the rug had been improperly finished and that it shouldn’t be happening to this extent.  She confessed that it was one of those 80% off rugs that she bought from a tent.  The guy was gone and now she had this problem.

I told her that we could make it look better but, since this rug was poorly finished, it would continue happen.  She said now that she knew how to manage the problem, she would try to do it herself.  She also admitted that while she paid more for the Fine Rugs in her home, she had viewed them as investments and, seeing how they were performing, she was very glad that she had.

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