Last week I introduced you to SmartStrand carpet– durable, affordable and green carpet with a lifetime guarantee against stains. I explained how SmartStrand stood up Martha’s Stewart’s red wine test and a two week beating from Ricko the Rhino.

Then, this past April, the folks at Mohawk wanted to see if the Family Circle Cup was a match against their carpet. The Family Circle Cup attracts more than 90,000 visitors to Daniel Island, SC  to watch the world’s best women tennis players.

Mohawk covered the stadium entrance and exit walkways with snow white carpet, subjecting it to nine days of foot traffic. Those who have attended the event know the temporary parking lots are not paved.   Each night, the same professionals who clean my customers’ carpets, cleaned the white carpet on display at the tennis tournament. They used the standard cleaning mix, and the results were spectacular!

The carpet was pure white again every morning when the gates opened.

While the Rhino challenge proved that SmartStrand comes clean, even under extreme circumstances, the test at the Family Circle Cup demonstrated the carpet’s ability to stand up to many, many cleanings.

On Day 6, Mohawk invited kids to the “Mess Makers Challenge.” The activities all took place on SmartStrand carpet and left a spectacular mess to clean up.  Did it pass the test? You already know the answer, but this video proves it. If you don’t see the player, click here.

These examples and events, along with a growing body of satisfied consumers, support a tremendous future for Mohawk’s SmartStrand carpets.

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