Fine Rugs of Charleston will be mentioned in an upcoming issue of Charleston Home and Design. Here are my answers to questions from Editor-in-Chief, Julie Sprankles:

JS: What’s unique about your showroom?

RL: Without a doubt, the Gallery setting.

How is it different from other similar showrooms?

Rob: Many rug stores call themselves galleries, but they usually look like warehouses with waist high piles of rugs. We are able to show all of our 1,000 rug choices as full rugs and discuss variations in size and color that the customer can order.

Why do you love working there?

My ultimate objective is for the customer to leave our showroom with a better understanding of rugs; their design and performance along with an awareness of the choices that they have.

Why do customers love shopping there?

In addition to the education, clients enjoy the friendly surroundings of our renovated building and, of course, our dependable sales associates.

What can a customer expect to see or experience when they walk into your store?

1,000 rug choices, every one a different combination of color and style direction. It’s a very impressive array, especially when shown on individual rack arms and categorized into whether it fits in a Traditional or Contemporary decor.

What is the secret to surviving a lagging economy?

Service, service and, above all, service.

As a business owner, what’s your secret? Let us know in your comments below.

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