A recent front page article in the Charleston Mercury paints a colorful picture of how my colleague  Alex Zahir and I are working to help the rug weavers in Afghanistan create a more sustainable economy and why we believe the Sheep to Shop initiative has the power to save the handcrafted rug business.

Front page article in the Charleston Mercury on November 28, 2012

Mercury publisher Charles Waring, III visited the Fine Rugs of Charleston showroom and spent some time getting an in-depth perspective into why the future of my retail rug business and the future of Afghanistan are woven together. One cannot exist without the other.

Mercury Publisher Charles Waring, III, interviewing Alex and Rob about Sheep to Shop.

Some lines from the article:

This is a complex relationship with a home base in a port city where many other trading relationships began hundreds of years ago….


Readers, by their purchasing habits, can help bring security to the last bastion of prolific and talented handcrafted rugs. The bad guys will have a hard time co-opting a nation where full value comes to a family for each rug created.


Rare is the business where personal involvement in foreign policy yields such win-win-win results…

I’d like to thank Charles Waring and the staff at the Charleston Mercury for helping shine a spotlight on Sheep to Shop. You can read the article here.

Beth Smith’s Interior Design Class Visits Fine Rugs of Charleston

In other news, I recently hosted 17 interior design students from the Art Institute of Charleston. Each semester I give students a primer on rugs, and I’ve been doing this since 2005.

I spent most of  the time talking about Afghan rugs and my work in the country. I’m passionate about sharing this story with the students, the media, designers and customers alike. If you’re interested in having me speak to your group or organization, or would like more information, give me a call at 843.577.3386 or email me at rob@finerugsofcharleston.com.

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