When I moved Fine Rugs of Charleston from upper King Street in downtown Charleston to our current location in the upper peninsula, I had a couple of objectives. I wanted to improve the customer shopping experience by offering a spacious, modern showroom and better (and free) parking. I also wanted to invest in what I believed to be an up-and-coming area of Charleston. That’s why I’m excited to announce the arrival of a new neighbor: 1600 Meeting Street


1600 Meeting Street is a place where creative professionals can work both independently and collaboratively, and it provides office space, art and design studios, non-profit and community resource centers, and local food and drink.

“Creative energy flourishes on the edges or fringes of a city where artists and creative businesses can find more space and flexibility and also lower rents,” says spokesperson and project collaborator Kate Nevin. “1600 Meeting Street will support these frontiersmen and women so they are able to thrive and stay connected to the community that they created.”


Kate and Lindsay Nevin

Kate’s husband Lindsay is the President of  Flyway, a local company that purchased the 12,000 square foot building that will house 1600 Meeting Street. Flyway is in the process of transforming the old building—which was built by Exxon in 1926—into the “go to” place for creative entrepreneurs. Ideal tenants include: interior and fashion design, community development, digital media and design, architecture and urban design, film and video, cultural heritage, literary arts and publishing, performing and visual arts, culinary, and retail co-op. Flyway hopes to have the building ready for occupancy in September and tenants moving in by October.

1600 Meeting St.

As the 1600 Meeting Street website says, “This formerly neglected, industrial neighborhood has taken shape as a burgeoning art and design district and is only a few steps away from reaching its full potential.” On behalf of Fine Rugs of Charleston, I am thrilled to see this vision for the upper peninsula, a vision that I have supported and believed in for years, taking shape.

If you’d like more information on 1600 Meeting street you can visit their website at 1600Meeting.com or call 843.297.2463

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Last Modified: August 15, 2013

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