Fine Rugs of Charleston is evolving its business to include a selection of rugs that we design and import ourselves. This gives us a much better pricing opportunity and styling that is especially suited for Charleston. It’s an effort on our part to maintain the “art” of buying and selling fine rugs and re-establishing what we believe this business is all about: providing quality, handmade carpets for discerning customers.

The selection includes rugs like this one, called Veda, which has a trending Central Asian design in the very popular colors of grey and light gold:


The rug is just one in our new collection, Noblesse, that are all wool, antique finish, hand-knotted rugs from India. If you’d like to know more about our newest collection of beautiful rugs, contact us.

I also want to thank Lindsay Nevin for allowing us to photograph our rugs at the beautiful old buildings that he and his wife Kate are renovating just up the street from us at 1600 Meeting Street. Lindsay expects to be moving tenants in by mid-Fall, and I have told him that I expect it to quickly become the crown jewel of our ‘arts driven’ neighborhood.