It’s true that when you buy a hand-knotted modern rug, you’re making an investment. Many of us understand that the price reflects the time and attention to detail that goes into making the rug, as well as the overall quality. But what about its long-term value? Will your investment stand the test of time?

Sari Silk rug 0

When we consider the value of rugs made today, especially the bold contemporary hand-knotted rugs made in Nepal and India, we need to put them in context with the price of antique rugs.

Much like today, the rugs created 100 years ago were designed to satisfy the individual’s contemporary style. Rug makers had no idea that the designs and colors, meant for their current customers, would become the antique rugs we now value so dearly. And so, the prize antique rugs of today are really just coincidences of decorative taste! ​

Sari Silk rug 4

Who is to say that new rugs, using age old methods and materials and designed for today’s customers, will not be valuable 100 years in the future? The ultimate things to consider when investing in a contemporary rug remain the same: does it fit your style and does it complete the room? Simply put, you buy it because you love it. And, if you look to history to determine the future, chances are good that others will love it too.