My Wholesale Rug Collections

We now offer our own line of hand made wool rugs exclusively for Interior Designers and design showrooms. These two very well priced collections feature the artistry, lasting beauty and luxury of handknotted rugs.  Additional information with photos is in the wholesale rug section of my showroom Fine Rugs of Charleston website.

The wholesale rugs are in the following sizes:

  • 2’10 x 12’0
  • 7’9 x 9’9
  • 9’0 x 12’6
  • 11’0 x 11’0
  • 10’0 x 14’0
  • 12’0 x 15’0

Noblesse Collection

Wholesale rugs Noblesse collectionThis collection is wool, antique finish handknot rugs in 4 vintage designs and 4 fashion colors. The colors are: blue, gold, brown and grey/beige. Made in India.




Plantation Collection

Wholesale rug Plantation collectionThis collection is all wool, traditional finish handknot rugs in 7 classic designs but with 7 softer colors. The colors are: olive, citrus, cream, linen, ivory, crimson and grey. Made in India.




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