Oriental and Persian Area Rugs

There are two types of oriental and Persian area rugs in my retail Charleston, SC showroom. These are the hand-tufted and the highly prized hand-knotted wool rugs.

Difference between hand-knotted and hand-tufted rugs

Although both are made with wool by hand, there are many differences between knotted and tufted.  The hand-knotted rugs are made with thousands of knots individually tied.  This requires a lot of skill and practice and patience as it may take a year to complete a single rug! This rug lasts more than a lifetime and came become a heirloom. It is made with top quality resilient sheep’s wool. It can be thoroughly cleaned by being immersed in soapy water to gently float dirt out.

The hand-tufted rugs are made with the aid of a mechanical device that pops wool into a stretched canvas backing with glue.  Less skill is required and rugs can be mass produced this way.  A second backing is added which makes this rug impossible to immerse and thoroughly clean. These rugs can only be surface cleaned, same as a carpet.

Compare backing of hand-knotted vs hand-tufted rugs

Compare the backing of hand-knotted (left) vs hand-tufted (right)

Hand-knotted Persian area rugs

These are the best rugs in the world! The rugs are made in the Afghanistan villages by weavers who often pass this tradition down in the same family for hundreds of years. I often visit the weavers in my travels, I know their process and quality and highly recommend these rugs! These wool rugs are hand-knotted using local Afghan sheep’s wool. The workmanship is superb and they will look like new for 20-30 years and then can be completely cleaned using immersion techniques. These rugs are also a heirloom that can passed down in your family. The sizes of these rugs range from 3′ x 5′ up to 10′ x 14′.

The weavers will also take orders for the rug of your dreams.  Ask me about custom designing a hand-knotted rug for you made via our friends at Arzu Hope Studio, which provides necessities for the women and children in the rug villages.

My wholesale rugs are made in India with the same quality, craftsmanship and elegance.

Hand-tufted area rugs

I also sell hand-tufted rugs made by dedicated workers. They fit a tighter budget and will look new for about 5 years. These rugs are beautiful, they simply don’t last a lifetime.

Stop by my Charleston, SC retail showroom and I’ll show you beautiful hand made wool rugs. Please visit my Showroom Directions page for contact info, directions and store hours.