Rugs Frequently Asked Questions

New guests to our showroom often ask us:

What determines the value of a new rug?

There are 3 methods of making the rug and this is the primary criteria of an individual rug’s value.  The best is the hand-knotted rug. It is made by hand with the highest level of skill and craftsmanship and is so well weaved it can become a family heirloom.  In the middle is the hand-tufted rug which is made by hand with a mechanical gun to attach wool to a canvas backing. While beautiful they look like new only about 5 years.  The least valuable rug is the inexpensive machine made rugs from the box stores and other outlets. They are often made with inferior wool or wool blends and begin to age immediately.


For the top tier hand-knotted rugs the country of origin, number of knots per square inch, weaver village, design and even demand for the rug will influence the value and sales price.

Why are new rug prices all over the place?

Those of us in the industry have a good handle on the price a consumer should pay for an individual rug. There are many factors that determine the price: the method of making the rug, the material, the craftsmanship including number of knots per inch, the origin, the demand for a rug’s color and design plus many more factors!  When you are shopping at a reputable retail rug merchant one rule to remember is “you get what you pay for”. A higher priced rug will last longer and look new longer.

How long will a rug look new?

Hand-knotted rugs will look new 20-30 years.
Hand-tufted rugs will look new about 5 years.
Machine made rugs will look new about a year.


Is there a wool rug that won’t shed in my house?

The hand-knotted rugs will not make “dust bunnies”.

How do I know who to buy a rug from?

There are many reputable sources to buy your new rug.  If you are shopping in person at a retail store feel free to ask them for credentials including rug retail organizations they have joined.  Have they been in business a long time?  Examine the back of the rug to see if the design carries through from the front to the back – this means hand-knotted.  If there is a solid canvas-type backing this means hand-tufted, and the rug doesn’t last as long.  What is the rug made of?  Is it a blend?  Where was it made? Request the details of rugs that interest you in writing so you can become informed at your leisure on the quality of the rug.  With these details you can educate yourself enough to determine if the rug is a work of art or mass produced.  If you still have doubts and are considering a high dollar purchase you can always contact an Interior Designer who can assist you.


Seeing a rug in person is best but buying by phone etc. from a long distance retailer can be a preferred option over buying an inferior quality rug where you live.  If this is the case take your time, get pictures including close-ups of the front and back and get to know the rug dealer before making your purchase. Beware of 80% discounts for a purchase “today”.


At my showroom we only carry well made rugs and clearly distinguish between the heirloom quality and other rugs.

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