Why Use Wool Area Rugs?

Enjoy the beauty of wool rugsEveryone loves to touch the soft wool, admire the quality craftsmanship, beauty and exquisite detail, and contemplate the mystique of intricate designs in hand-knotted rugs, don’t they?  I mean, it’s just wool and knots. Why doesn’t it come undone??

A carefully selected oriental and Persian area rug will anchor the decor in any room or open space, just ask an Interior Designer. The higher quality wool rugs become family heirlooms with minimal care. These rugs are rugged for high traffic areas and can be cleaned every 20-30 years by complete immersion in soapy water to look new again.

Many customers simply love a rug’s beauty, color and style the same way they enjoy other pieces of art like a painting or pottery.


  • are a timeless choice for floor covering
  • cover bare floors in a jiffy
  • reduce noise
  • add warmth to a room
  • are durable, even in high traffic areas
  • give freedom to define and decorate separate areas within a large space
  • add color to a room with many patterns and sizes to choose from
  • make excellent runners in hallways and narrow spaces
  • can be custom made for you
  • reflect the latest apparel trends in the contemporary designs
  • are an investment, including rare antique rugs
  • are an heirloom – a quality hand-knotted wool rug can be enjoyed a lifetime and passed down
  • provide the livelihood for many Afghan villages wishing to break the cycle of poverty